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As avid travelers, artists Rubii and Vanghoua have journeyed to many places to see, be near, be in, or on water. This installation draws out past journeys they have taken to water, and to journeys they have since embarked upon together in Tokyo and Nikko. These routes trace the artists' long distance travels across oceans, to short bike rides through the suburbs and countryside. What underlies these travels is the potent ability of water sources to draw us to them, in spite of the fear we may also feel that they may overwhelm and absorb us.



Drawing Water at Vibrant Laneways



2016, lightboxes at Eagle Lane, Brisbane.


Drawing Water at AIR 3331 Nishikicho Studio, Tokyo

Water Followings

2016, Rubii Miyoshi, Vanghoua Anthony Vue (lead artists), Sayuri Furukawa & Hanano Sakamoto (assistants).

Wood, tape, perspex, bottles, water, photographic prints, pen, string, clips, and camping gear.

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